Marketing: CRESCOLOGIX's advertising cooperative efforts on the limited time endeavors with eagerness and makes exceptional advancement practices plot every customer especially. Our help is constantly steady, from beginning dispatch to channel progressions and end customer propelling powers through to convincing thing systems till the end. We get a more vital rate of return by using our advantages and ensuring the most critical accomplishment rate in accomplishing the prospects and transforming them into customer. Our Marketingprograms concentrate on:

  • Promotion development
  • Promotion implementation
  • Advertising planning, placement and tracking
  • Public relation programs
  • Database &Lead Management
  • Product placement
  • End User programs and fulfillment

Sales: Best in deals comes about are given by us by working with our customers on a cozy relationship premise in computerized advertise. In light of the collaboration that we set forth working with our customers, we keep our connections solid both with the market and the prospects. CRESCOLOGIX'ssales exercises are facilitated at all levels of the business channel, focusing on request generationof end-customer.