Your Sales Process, Just Better

Crescologix CRM teaches your sales process four brand new tricks that will send your team’s capabilities into overdrive.

Relentlessly Powerful Automation

Ever try to close a deal and spend more time on documentation and mindless tasks than the actual sale? Say goodbye to any and all grunt work forever with the most powerful data enrichment functionality ever created. Just enter a prospect's email, and let Crescologix CRM take over, powering up your sales process in the background while you keep moving. New leads can even be added directly from your inbox with one click.

If Information is Power, Crescologix CRM Will Make You King

You focus on writing the email and let Crescologix CRM handle the research. Once installed, log a new contact with one click and instantly know when and where they open an important email, company info, key mutual contacts, and similar companies, all in one remarkably powerful 360 view.

Perfect the Art of Efficiency

With a 10-second installation process, you’ll notice the lightning speed of Crescologix CRM from the get-go. And it only gets better as you discover feature after feature that allow you to crank through a backlog of leads faster and more effectively than you can possibly imagine.